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Conservative Dental Treatment Philosophy

We will only recommend and perform dental treatment that we know will make you healthier and happier. As a result, we do not suggest dental treatment unless we know you will be worse off without it.  Our current patients can testify to this; we will never over treat you with unnecessary or overly aggressive recommendations.

A Different Dental Setting

We purposefully have a laid back environment.  We take dentistry seriously, but not ourselves.  We will never lecture to you.  Our office is a safe place to be yourself, express your desires and be open about your dental concerns.  It’s a place where you can laugh and actually have fun.  Our mission is to help you feel comfortable, simple as that.

Time Efficiency In The Dental Office

Sampson Dentistry understands that you have more to your day than just a dental visit. We will be both thorough and efficient. In addition, we set the expectations for ourselves to stay on schedule and even ahead of schedule so there’s little or no waiting times.

High Dental Standards

Dentistry is not always easy and everyone’s mouth is different, but we promise to strive for perfection every time.  If dental treatment is necessary, you can be sure that we will provide the utmost care necessary to achieve great results.  We care about the results just as much as we hope you will.

Great Dental Technology

From digital x-rays to intraoral cameras to lasers, we utilize modern tools and technique to keep you safe, comfortable, and informed.

Clean Dental Environment

We are also patients of our own dental practice, so a clean environment really matters to us as well! We even pay to have a 3rd party monitor our sterilization efforts for peace of mind for us and our patients. Also, we use NASA-developed DentaPure filters on all our operatory water units to keep the water cleaner than a mountain spring.

Relationships Matter

One of the best things about dentistry is developing relationships over the years. Knowing your stories and connecting with you (on a level deeper than just teeth) fills our cup!

Independently Owned By Dr. James Sampson, DMD

An unfortunate trend in dentistry is dental offices being owned by corporations. Why? Because there is profit to be made when business principles are applied to healthcare. This creates an environment where your treatment recommendations are being influenced by bottom-line numbers and quotas…something we strongly feel shouldn’t be mixed with dental treatment.

Dr. Sampson’s Personal Dental Experiences

“I have had A LOT of dental work. I had braces twice, 8 teeth extracted at one time, wisdom teeth extracted, a gum infection, chipped teeth and more fillings than I’d like to admit.  I’m afraid of the dentist!

Additionally, I grind my teeth, I have a huge craving for candy, and do not like flossing.

I get it. I know all too well what it’s like to be a dental patient and I hope my personal experiences will bring you comfort in how I can relate to you and help you with your dental needs.  We truly want your dental experiences to be great ones!”

General & Cosmetic Dentistry Hoover, AL

General & Cosmetic Dentistry Hoover, AL