Shades Mountain Family Dental Care Provider

Sampson Dentistry is conveniently located on Shades Mountain in Hoover. We are a family dental care provider in Birmingham Alabama.

Family Dental Care

General & Cosmetic Dental Services

Sampson Dentistry offers complete dental services for our clients including; cosmetic dentistry, crowns and bridges, partials and dentures, oral surgery, periodontics, implant restorations and teeth whitening.

Family Dental Care

We have been proudly serving the residents of Hoover Alabama for over 30 years and we know how to make our patients feel like family.

The Shades Mountain dental practice has a laid back environment where you are free to express any questions and concerns about your treatment options. Sampson Dentistry’s mission is to help you to feel comfortable and to be your partner in achieving your dental goals.

One of the best things about our dental practice is our ability to develop relationships.  Knowing your story and connecting with you on a deeper level is very important to us. You are more than just teeth, you are family!

Dentistry is not always easy and everyone has different treatment needs.  We promise to strive for greatness in every single situation. If dental treatment is necessary, we will provide you with the best possible dental care. On the rare occasion if something isn’t working as expected we will make it right.  We care about results as much as we hope you do.

We are very conservative in our treatment philosophy and only recommend treatment that we know will make you a happier and healthier person.

Meet Dr Sampson Our Team


General Dentistry In Birmingham, ALDr. Sampson graduated from Samford University with a degree in Biochemistry and then received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at UAB in 2008.

Upon graduation he received the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain Award for clinical excellence. He has since earned a fellowship in the area of Laser Dentistry from the World Clinical Laser Institute following extensive education and testing.

He is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, World Clinical Laser Institute, and Opt-In Dental Advantage.  Dr. Sampson’s love for relationships, health, and artistry led him to dentistry where he is able to passionately pursue all three.

When he’s not lecturing to people about the importance of daily flossing, Dr. Sampson loves spending quality time with his wife, Lauren, daughter, Selah, and son, William. He is also an avid fly-fisherman, hockey fan, and disc sports enthusiast.


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