Our Dental Team

Shades Mountain Dental Clinic

Our Hoover Dental Team at Sampson Dentistry is a family oriented dental practice. We are devoted to building relationships with our patients while taking care of their dental needs. The Hoover Dental Team is made up of 5-Star staff members that is thorough and seeks to identify and resolve any of our client’s dental hygiene issues.

Shades Mountain Dental ClinicDr. James R. Sampson

Dr. Sampson graduated from Samford University with a degree in Biochemistry and then received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at UAB in 2008. Upon graduation he received the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain Award for clinical excellence. He has since earned a fellowship in the area of Laser Dentistry from the World Clinical Laser Institute following extensive education and testing.  He is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, World Clinical Laser Institute, and Opt-In Dental Advantage.  Dr. Sampson’s love for relationships, health, and artistry led him to dentistry where he is able to passionately pursue all three. When he’s not lecturing to people about the importance of daily flossing, Dr. Sampson loves spending quality time with his wife, Lauren, daughter, Selah, and son, William. He is also an avid fly-fisherman, hockey fan, and disc sports enthusiast.

Shades Mountain Dental ClinicBethOffice Manager

Beth is our Office Manager and has been at this practice for over 25 years, longer than any other team member.  She deals with anything and everything necessary in order to keep us running.  Her strong faith, encouraging demeanor, and lively personality have a way of making everyone feel welcome and a part of our family.  Beth and her husband, Lemois enjoy spending time with their grandchildren.


Shades Mountain Dental ClinicHaleyPatient Care Coordinator

Haley is our Patient Care Coordinator and she makes it her priority to make your experience with us a good one.  She is always cheerfully going above and beyond her job description to assure that our office treats you well.  She has 16 years of experience in the dental field and has been here with our team for 10 years.  Haley and her husband, Stephen “the Christmas Light King” have twin girls, Emma and Claire, and a son, Carson.


Shades Mountain Dental ClinicAnnaHygienist

Originally from Morris, Alabama, Anna has been in the dental field for 20 years with more than 15 years of hygiene experience.  We, and our patients, love having Anna around, as she brings a lot of laughter to the office with her great sense of humor.  She has been with this team for 14 years.  Anna and her husband Ben have two children, Benjamin and McKinnon.

Shades Mountain Dental ClinicJenniferHygienist

Jennifer began her dental career twenty years ago in 1993.  She worked as a dental assistant before obtaining her hygiene license in 1996.  She has been with our team for 12 years.  Jennifer takes great pride in the thoroughness and quality of care that she provides and takes extra steps to ensure that our patients leave with a clean smile.  Jennifer enjoys traveling and relaxing with her husband Scotty and her two boys, Ryan and Hunter.



Shades Mountain Dental ClinicLaurieHygienist

Laurie has been a hygienist with us for 12 years and with over 25 years of dental experience she brings a wealth of dental knowledge to our practice.  She is originally from “the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains,” Bedford, Virginia.  She began her dental career in 1984 while serving in the U.S. Air Force.  Laurie is driven by the diverse nature of her work and constantly strives to better herself in whatever she does.  Her drive and positive attitude is a constant encouragement to our team.



Shades Mountain Dental ClinicElaineDental Assistant

Elaine immediately began work as a dental assistant upon graduation from UAB.  She has 7 years of dental experience and has acquired extensive additional education in advanced areas of dentistry.

A fun fact about Elaine:  She gets the hiccups every day.



Shades Mountain Dental ClinicBrindyDental Assistant

Brindy graduated from dental assisting school in 2014.  She truly cares about our patients and has a unique ability to bring comfort and calmness to them while they are in her care.  When she is not at the office, Brindy loves wearing camo and listening to country music and whatever else country folks do.